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Your trusted source for news and trends on employee benefits in Canada.

We are committed to being your reliable source for information on employee benefits in Canada. Our journey started with a simple vision: to help individuals and businesses navigate the complex landscape of employee benefits with ease and confidence.

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EBS.ca is comprised of dedicated lawyers who have experience, creativity and determination.

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At Ebsource.ca - Employee Benefits in Canada, we believe that financial well-being is crucial for everyone. Our mission is to contribute to this by delivering timely and relevant employee benefits news. By staying informed about industry trends and cost-effective insurance options, individuals can protect their health, wealth, and future while making sound financial choices.

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Founder's Story Ebs.ca - Employee Benefits in Canada

In 2010, Emma Walker, the visionary behind Ebsource.ca, found herself at a crossroads in her career. After spending years working in the corporate world, Emma recognized a growing need for accessible and reliable information on employee benefits.
Having personally experienced the challenges of navigating insurance options for herself and her colleagues, she saw an opportunity to make a difference.
Emma's journey to create Ebsource.ca began with a transformative event. She attended a seminar on employee benefits and was struck by the lack of engaging and up-to-date resources available to both employers and employees. Inspired to fill this void, she set out to build a platform that would empower individuals and businesses alike with the latest trends and news in the benefits industry.
With unwavering determination, Emma embarked on a mission to make complex insurance topics easily understandable for everyone. Drawing from her background in journalism and her passion for financial literacy, she assembled a team of seasoned writers, insurance experts, and tech-savvy professionals to bring her vision to life.
The early days of Ebsource.ca were met with challenges, as breaking new ground often does. However, Emma's commitment to transparency, accuracy, and user-centricity propelled the website forward. She reached out to industry leaders, insurance providers, and HR professionals, fostering relationships built on trust and collaboration.
As the website gained traction, Emma's dedication to providing reliable and unbiased information never wavered. She was determined to offer a platform that empowered individuals and businesses to make well-informed decisions about their employee benefits, ultimately contributing to their financial well-being and overall happiness.
Over the years, Ebsource.ca became synonymous with cutting-edge news and trends in the employee benefits landscape. Emma's team expanded to include researchers, data analysts, and trend forecasters, ensuring that the platform consistently delivered accurate, data-driven insights.
Today, Ebsource.ca stands as a testament to Emma Walker's vision and tenacity. The website continues to be the go-to destination for those seeking comprehensive and reliable information on employee benefits. Emma's founding story serves as a reminder that with determination, innovation, and a heart-driven purpose, one person can truly make a positive impact on an entire industry.

Empowering individuals with knowledge is not just our mission, it's our driving force. At Ebsource.ca, we believe that informed decisions pave the way to a brighter and more secure future for everyone.

Emma Walker

CEO of EBS.ca

Real Passion

Our licensed agents are always ready to assist, offering personalized support over the Internet, telephone, email, or online chat. We believe that accessibility and responsiveness are paramount to providing exceptional service to our valued clients.
At Ebsource.ca, we are more than just a website; we are a community of like-minded individuals who believe in the power of knowledge. Join us on this journey, and together, we'll unleash the true potential of your employee benefits coverage. Welcome to a world of informed decisions and thriving financial well-being!









George Brooke


Our CEO has a passion for employee benefits and a knack for strategic planning, ensuring the platform's continuous growth while staying true to our mission of providing reliable, current, and comprehensive information

Writer Manager

Estate Manager

Our Writer Manager ensures the delivery of top-quality content. With a firm grasp of the employee benefits landscape and a flair for clear, engaging writing, they play a crucial role in translating complex information into easy-to-understand articles.

Sarah Clinton

Experts Manager

Our Experts Manager collaborates with experts to deliver comprehensive analysis and valuable insights. With their expertise in employee benefits and extensive network, they play a critical role in ensuring our content's accuracy, relevance, and depth.

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Business Principles

- Openness to new approaches based on experience.
- Full disclosure of all necessary information.
- Asking thorough questions to understand needs better.
- Thoughtful and well-considered recommendations.
- Focus on ideas, products, and services that align with client needs.

How We Are Paid

- We are paid by the insurance companies we work with, not by our clients.
- We don’t represent just one company, and there are no fees for our services.
- Your referral and endorsement mean the world to us; they are our most valuable rewards.
- Our growth comes from satisfied clients who refer us and keep coming back.
- We are here to serve you and look forward to assisting you whenever you need us.

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Your trusted source for everything you need to know about employee benefits in Canada.

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  • Making it easy to understand and accessible to everyone.
  • Easy to navigate, making your quest for information a breeze.

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