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Group Life Insurance for Beauty Specialists in Canada

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Group life insurance provides millions of working Canadians financial protection and peace of mind. However, beauty specialists like hairstylists, estheticians, nail technicians, makeup artists, and others may wonder if they need coverage, too. The answer is a resounding yes!

Beauty specialists have unique risks and needs, making group life insurance incredibly valuable. Like other self-employed professionals, beauty specialists rely on their efforts to earn an income. Their family could suffer financial hardship without a breadwinner if something happened to them. Group life insurance can provide income replacement to maintain their lifestyle.

This article will dive into how group life insurance for beauty specialists works, the many benefits it offers beauty specialists, what features to look for, how much coverage is recommended, and how beauty professionals can get the group life insurance they need.

What is Group Life Insurance for Beauty Specialists and How Does it Work?

What is Group Life Insurance for Beauty Specialists and How Does it Work? ebs
What is Group Life Insurance for Beauty Specialists and How Does it Work?

Group life insurance provides coverage for a group of people, such as company employees. It differs from individual life insurance policies, which only cover one person or family.

With group life insurance, the employer or group policyholder arranges coverage with an insurance company and offers it to eligible members as an employment benefit. Employees or group members can then enroll for coverage.

The policyholder pays most of the premiums, making group life insurance affordable for members. Premium costs are based on the demographics of the group as a whole rather than each person’s individual risk factors, keeping rates low.

Group plans such as group term life insurances provide coverage in set amounts, such as a flat $50,000 benefit for each employee or a multiple salary such as 2x earnings. If an insured member dies while covered under the active policy, their designated beneficiary will receive the death benefit payout.

A significant advantage of group life insurance is that eligible members can enroll without medical exams or health questionnaires. They receive an automatic set amount of guaranteed coverage. Of course, members can personally buy supplemental individual life insurance if they need more.

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What Benefits Do Beauty Specialists Get From Group Life Insurance?

Many valuable benefits make group life insurance worth having for beauty specialists and other self-employed professionals:

Financial Protection for Families

The number one benefit of group life insurance for beauty specialists is providing their family with money to maintain their lifestyle in case of the specialist’s unexpected death. Most beauty professionals are the prime breadwinners in their households. Their salary keeps the family afloat and funds their current lifestyle.

If they were to pass away prematurely, their family could experience severe financial hardship without the specialist’s ongoing earning power. Group life insurance creates a pool of money to replace their income for some time.

Beneficiaries can use the payout for immediate expenses like mortgage payments or longer-term costs like paying off debts or saving for college. The lump sum benefit gives them essential options.

Income Replacement to Maintain Lifestyle

The payout from group life insurance can effectively replace a beauty specialist’s salary after death. This income replacement allows the specialist’s family to maintain their current lifestyle and standard of living for several months or years, depending on the payout amount.

While the payout is not infinite, it can give families time to adjust financially without the specialist’s weekly paycheck.

Tax-Advantaged Way to Gain Coverage

Premiums for group life insurance the policyholder/employer pays are not taxed as employee income. The insurance payout received by beneficiaries is also income tax-free.

This makes group life insurance tax-efficient for beauty specialists to obtain valuable coverage. It gives them more leverage from their policy compared to individually owned life insurance, which does not have the same tax perks.

Ability to Get Coverage with Pre-Existing Conditions

Qualifying with pre-existing health conditions is one of the biggest obstacles for anyone needing individual life insurance. If someone has a chronic disease like diabetes or depression, they may face sky-high premiums or even denial of individual life insurance.

Group life insurance removes this barrier. Eligible members gain access to coverage without any medical underwriting. Their pre-existing conditions are irrelevant since they cannot be singled out or declined.

This allows beauty specialists with health issues to access invaluable financial protection they often cannot find elsewhere. It provides security despite their conditions.

Option for Extra Coverage at Discounted Group Rates

Most group life insurance plans allow eligible members to buy supplemental coverage at discounted group rates. So beauty specialists can customize their total coverage by adding affordable optional term life insurance through their employer’s group plan.

What Features Should Beauty Specialists Look for?

What Features Should Beauty Specialists Look for? ebs
What Features Should Beauty Specialists Look for?

When evaluating group life insurance options, beauty specialists should look for policies with the following valuable features:

Waiver of Premium for Disability

Many group life insurance plans include a waiver of premium features for members who become disabled. This allows disabled members to keep their active life insurance coverage without continuing to pay premiums.

This can be invaluable for beauty specialists who cannot work due to illness or injury. They can maintain their policy despite losing income during their disability, and their beneficiaries will still receive the death benefit later on.

Living Benefits/Accelerated Death Benefits

Some insurers offer “living benefits” that allow members who become terminally ill to access a portion of their death benefit while they are still living. Beauty specialists diagnosed with a terminal disease can use this money for medical costs or improved quality of life in their final months.

Conversion to Individual Policy When Leaving Job

Beauty specialists who leave their salon or spa employer will lose eligibility for the group life insurance plan. However, most insurers allow the conversion of the group policy to an individual policy when employment ends without new underwriting.

This conversion option lets specialists keep life insurance coverage intact. However, they will pay higher individual insurance premiums themselves going forward.

Coverage for Spouses and Dependents

Many group life insurance policies allow members to add low-cost dependent life insurance. This provides more minor death benefits of $5,000-$10,000 to cover the specialist’s spouse and children.

Source: https://www.groupbenefits.ca/group-insurance/products-and-services/dependent-life-insurance

While not a huge amount, this dependent coverage can pay for funeral costs or help surviving dependents in the first few months after their family member dies. Every bit of coverage counts.

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How Much Coverage Do Beauty Specialists Need?

Determining the right amount of group life insurance is essential for beauty specialists looking to protect their families sufficiently. Consider the following factors when deciding on coverage:

Income Replacement as a Rule of Thumb

A general guideline is to have enough life insurance to replace 5-10 years’ income. Most financial experts suggest 10x your annual salary in total life insurance. So, for a stylist earning $50,000 annually, aim for around $500,000 in total coverage.

Source: https://westernfinancialgroup.ca/How-Does-Life-Insurance-Protect-your-Income

How Much Coverage Do Beauty Specialists Need? ebs
How Much Coverage Do Beauty Specialists Need?

Take Into Account Debt and Assets

Consider outstanding debts like mortgages and business loans that life insurance could help pay off. Also, factor in assets and savings you may have to supplement the payout. Owning your home outright lowers the necessary coverage compared to decades of mortgage debt.

Look at Your Possible Future Earning Power

Younger beauty specialists have greater earning potential before retiring. Someone aged 30 has over 30 more years of work income than a 60-year-old nearing retirement, so younger professionals need higher income replacement coverage.

Consider Your Family and Lifestyle

Consider your current household expenses and the lifestyle costs of supporting your family now and in the future. Costs like college tuition or elder care for parents need to be factored in. A $100,000 payout would cover much less for a family of five than a single person.

Weigh the Cost of Coverage

Of course, consider the premium cost and your budget when deciding on coverage amounts. It makes sense to pay for the coverage amount you can reasonably afford, even if it’s not the full 10x income figure. Some coverage is better than none.

How Can Beauty Specialists Get Group Life Insurance?

If you realize the value of group life insurance, how can a beauty specialist access a group plan? Here are some options to look into:

Check Current Employer for Existing Group Plan

Some spas, salons, and cosmetic companies already offer group life insurance to their employees. Current beauty specialists should ask their employer if they have an active group plan to enroll in. This is the simplest option if available.

Ask Employers About Adding Group Life Insurance

If your workplace does not sponsor life insurance, ask them to consider starting a plan. Small business owners may need to realize the value and be receptive if employees request and make a coverage case.

Join Association or Guild Plans

Professional beauty associations and guilds sometimes arrange group plans open to association members. For instance, benefits may be included with membership in the Associated Beauty Artists of Canada or Canadian Cosmetic, Toiletry & Fragrance Associate.

Explore Professional Liability Insurance Options

Some beauty specialists buy Professional Liability Insurance in case of malpractice lawsuits. Some liability policies have group life insurance bundled into the same plan for added value.

Work With an Insurance Agent or Broker

Reliable insurance professionals can help self-employed beauty specialists explore alternate insurance markets and products like association plans or bundled professional liability with life coverage. An experienced agent or broker can also be beneficial for finding coverage.


Gaining the financial safety net and peace of mind provided by group life insurance has clear benefits for beauty professionals. The income replacement, tax perks, access to coverage, and other advantages can be invaluable for specialists and their families.

Group life insurance options are out there for those who look. Current employment plans, professional memberships and insurance advisors offer ways for beauty specialists to access coverage. Seeking out the right amount of death benefit protection is worth the effort and cost.

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Gaining the financial safety net and peace of mind provided by group life insurance has clear benefits for beauty professionals. ebs
Gaining the financial safety net and peace of mind provided by group life insurance has clear benefits for beauty professionals

FAQs about Group Life Insurance for Beauty Specialists in Canada

Here are some frequently asked questions about group life insurance for beauty specialists:

Why do beauty specialists need life insurance?

Beauty specialists need life insurance for the same reasons as anyone else—to provide financial protection for their families in case of unexpected death. Many beauty specialists are the primary earners in their households, so their families could face financial hardship if they were to pass away prematurely. Life insurance provides income replacement to maintain their lifestyle.

What is group life insurance?

Group life insurance provides coverage for a group of people under a single policy, such as salon or spa employees. The employer arranges coverage with an insurer and offers eligible members the chance to enroll. The employer pays the premiums wholly or partially. Approved members get guaranteed coverage without medical exams.

What are the benefits of group plans?

Group life insurance is affordable, convenient, and guaranteed. Members avoid higher individual life insurance rates and get coverage without medical underwriting. Premiums are conveniently deducted from paychecks. Beauty specialists also get tax benefits, as premiums are not taxed as income.

How much coverage do beauty specialists need?

Experts recommend at least 10x your annual income in life insurance coverage. The right amount depends on income, debts, lifestyle costs, and future earning potential before retirement. Most group plans provide 1-2x salary - specialists can supplement with optional coverage.

Where can beauty specialists get group life insurance?

Current employers may already offer group life insurance as an employment benefit. Beauty specialists can join industry associations or professional guilds, which provide access to group plans. Bundled professional liability policies sometimes include group life coverage as well. An insurance broker can help find options.

What features should specialists look for?

Valuable features include:
> Waiver of premium if disabled.
> "Living Benefits" for terminal illness.
> The option to convert to individual life insurance when leaving employment.
> Coverage for spouse/dependents.
> The ability to buy supplemental coverage.

Can specialists keep life insurance if they change jobs?

Unfortunately, group life insurance does not move with the member. They lose eligibility after leaving employment. However, most group policies allow converting to individual permanent life insurance without having to re-qualify medically. The specialist pays ongoing premiums themselves.

What does "term life" mean?

Group life insurance is a form of term life insurance. It provides guaranteed death benefits for a set time period, typically one-year policy terms renewable annually. Premiums increase as members age. Permanent life insurance builds cash value but costs more.

Is the payout taxed as income for beneficiaries?

No, life insurance payouts are generally not subject to income tax, making the benefits even more advantageous. Group life premiums paid by employers are taxable income for employees, though.

Can specialists keep coverage if disabled?

Some group policies offer a waiver of premium feature, where disabled members can maintain their active life insurance without paying premiums until they recover or reach retirement age. This prevents coverage loss during disability.

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