Employee BenefitsCompaniesUV Insurance Employee Benefits - Company Review 2024

UV Insurance Employee Benefits – Company Review 2024

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One of the leading providers of group benefits in Canada is UV Insurance, offering a wide range of comprehensive and customizable plans.

With over 130 years of experience providing insurance solutions for Canadians, UV Insurance has built a reputation for excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and a focus on innovation.

In this in-depth review, we’ll closely examine UV Insurance employee benefits offerings and why they are considered among the best in Canada.

You’ll learn about their group insurance plans, additional programs and services, ratings and reviews, tips for getting a customized quote, and the pros and cons of choosing UV Insurance for your organization’s benefits needs.

Whether you’re looking to switch providers or offer employee benefits for the first time, this analysis of UV Insurance will provide valuable insights to inform your decision.

What is UV Insurance?

Unveiling Value: UV Insurance's Employee Benefits Review IDC
Unveiling Value: UV Insurance’s Employee Benefits Review

Founded in 1889 as L’Union Saint-Joseph, UV Insurance is one of Canada’s oldest and largest mutual life insurance companies. Headquartered in Drummondville, Quebec, the company operates nationally and manages over $3 billion in assets, with nearly 200 employees serving customers across Canada.

While best known for its wide range of individual life insurance, retirement, and investment products, UV Insurance also offers comprehensive group benefits solutions for organizations of all sizes. In addition to providing employee benefits plans, UV Insurance sells property, auto, farm, and commercial insurance policies through its UV Insurance subsidiary.

UV Insurance has built its reputation on financial strength, innovation, and outstanding customer service. As a mutual company, UV Insurance is owned by its policyholders rather than shareholders, allowing the organization to focus on serving the interests of its clients. The values of authenticity, rigor, innovation, collaboration and commitment guide the company.

Source: https://uvinsurance.ca/about-us/

UV Insurance Employee Benefits Offerings

From traditional medical and dental coverage to innovative wellness initiatives, UV Insurance offers a diverse selection of group benefits plans that can be customized to meet each company’s unique needs.

UV Group Life Insurance

The foundation of a strong benefits package, UV Insurance provides group life insurance to offer financial security for employees and their loved ones. The amount of coverage can be based on flat amounts, earnings, job grades, or a combination.

Flat Amount Coverage

With this option, employers select a set dollar amount, such as $50,000, for all eligible employees. This approach is simple and treats all employees equally. However, the coverage may be insufficient for higher earners.

Earnings-Based Coverage

The death benefit can be linked to an employee’s salary, such as providing 1x or 2x annual earnings. This helps align coverage with income replacement needs. However, additional benefits for lower earners may be too low.

Job Grade Approach

Employers can assign different coverage amounts based on job grades or classifications. For instance, executives may receive 3x salary while managers get 2x salary and other staff 1x salary. This aligns coverage with roles.

Blended Approach

Many employers use a combination of flat amounts, earnings-based coverage, and job grades. For example, they may offer a minimum of $50,000 plus 1x salary. This helps provide adequate baseline protection tailored to income.

Additional features in UV Insurance’s group life insurance plans typically include:

  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance
  • This provides additional benefits if death or dismemberment occurs due to an accident. Employers can include AD&D coverage equal to the amount of the life insurance or select custom AD&D amounts.
  • Coverage for dependents
  • Employers can allow employees to add optional life insurance for spouses and children at affordable group rates. Guaranteed issue amounts simplify enrollment.
  • Waiver of premium for disability
  • If employees become totally disabled before age 65, their life premiums may be waived, and coverage will continue without payment.
  • Living benefits for terminal illness
  • To help with medical costs, employees diagnosed as terminally ill may receive an advance payout of a portion of the death benefit while still living.
  • Conversion options if employment ends
  • Employees can convert group life coverage to individual policies if they leave the company for added flexibility.
  • Minimum coverage amounts start at $25,000
  • UV Insurance offers broad flexibility in coverage selections, with minimum amounts as low as $25,000 for affordable baseline protection.

Types of UV Group Disability Insurance

Beneficial Breakdown: UV Insurance's Employee Benefits Examined IDC
Beneficial Breakdown: UV Insurance’s Employee Benefits Examined

Protecting an employee’s ability to earn an income is crucial. UV Insurance offers both short- and long-term disability insurance on a group basis, with options that include:

UV Short Term Disability

Short-term disability (STD) plans provide income replacement for temporary illnesses or injuries lasting up to 26 weeks. UV Insurance STD offerings include:

  • Coverage for illnesses or injury
  • STD plans cover both sicknesses and accidental injuries. Employers can insure all causes or select accident-only coverage.
  • Benefit periods from 13 to 52 weeks
  • UV Insurance offers benefit periods that match the typical duration of common short-term conditions. Popular options include 13, 17, 26, or 52 weeks.
  • Taxable or non-taxable benefits
  • STD benefits can be structured as taxable income or non-taxable, depending on plan design preferences.
  • Optional flat rate or income replacement plan designs
  • For simplicity, STD benefits can be flat dollar amounts. Benefits can replace 50-70% of weekly earnings for income protection, up to plan maximums.
  • Partial disability benefits
  • If employees can work part-time, partial disability benefits replace a portion of income lost while working reduced hours.

UV Long Term Disability

Long-term disability (LTD) coverage provides income replacement for extended disabilities beyond six months. UV Insurance LTD plan options include:

  • Protection for lengthy disabilities after STD coverage ends
  • LTD benefits pick up where STD leaves off. LTD plans have waiting periods matching the STD benefit period.
  • Benefit periods extending to age 65
  • LTD coverage continues paying benefits until retirement age if disability persists. LTM-age 70 option is available.
  • A wide range of policy definitions and benefit amounts
  • Plans can use “regular occupation” or broader “any occupation” definitions. Income replacement options range from 50% to 70% of monthly earnings.
  • Coverage customized based on occupation
  • Benefits and premiums can vary by blue-collar, white collar and professional employee categories.
  • Optional benefits like cost of living adjustments (COLA)
  • Riders can provide annual 1-5% COLA increases on LTD benefits to counter inflation.
  • Survivor benefits
  • A portion of the LTD benefit can extend to survivors if the disabled employee dies.

UV Group Health Insurance

Comprehensive medical, dental, and vision coverage form the core of most UV Insurance employee benefits programs. With customizable options, companies can design a plan that fits their budget while meeting their workforce’s needs.

UV Prescription Drug Coverage

UV Insurance offers extensive options for employers to cover prescription medication costs, including:

  • Comprehensive formularies and drug plans
  • Plans can reimburse most Health Canada-approved drugs or use managed formularies targeting cost-effective treatments.
  • Generic substitution to control costs
  • By requiring generic drug use where therapeutic equivalents exist, UV Insurance helps employers manage pharmaceutical spending.
  • Drug utilization tools like prior authorization, dose limits, and managed formularies.
  • Step therapy, daily quantity limits, and managed drug lists help direct employees to the most appropriate cost-effective medicines.
  • Extended health care with online claims submission
  • Employees submit prescription claims electronically to enable direct pharmacy reimbursement.

Dental Coverage

UV Insurance gives employers the flexibility to design dental plans that balance costs with employee needs through options like:

  • Basic and restorative dental services
  • Plans cover cleanings, fillings, and extractions with annual maximums from $500 to $2000+ per member.
  • Options like orthodontia and implants
  • Employers can elect to include costly orthodontic braces and dental implants or exclude them from controlling premiums.
  • Preventative checkups and cleanings
  • Most plans emphasize routine preventive care to catch issues early before they become serious and expensive.
  • Direct payment to dental providers through online claims
  • Dentists can submit claims electronically and receive reimbursements directly from the insurer for fast, easy payments.

Vision Care

UV Insurance vision benefits help employees pay for eye exams, glasses and contacts, with common offerings that include:

  • Coverage for prescription lenses and hardware
  • Plans reimburse a portion of prescription lenses, frames, and contact lenses.
  • Reimbursement for eye exams
  • Regular eye exams ensure employees’ vision needs are proactively monitored to protect their health.
  • Options to include vision correction procedures
  • Some plans cover laser eye surgery, radial keratotomy, and other vision correction treatments.

Paramedical Coverage

For additional medical services, UV Insurance paramedical offerings typically cover:

  • Chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage therapy, naturopathic services
  • These plans reimburse treatments from common specialists aimed at injury recovery, pain relief, and restoring health.
  • Speech therapy, psychology services, podiatry, and more
  • A wide range of licensed specialists and practitioners may be included.
  • Annual maximums per practitioner type
  • For cost control, most plans limit total annual spending for each type of practitioner.

Travel Insurance

Protecting employees who travel for work is crucial. UV Insurance travel medical benefits commonly include:

  • Emergency medical coverage while travelling abroad
  • Travel insurance covers unexpected illness or injury treatments required while out of province or country.
  • Trip cancellation and trip interruption benefits
  • If travel plans get cancelled for covered reasons, this protects pre-paid, non-refundable trip expenses.
  • 24/7 multilingual medical assistance while travelling
  • Travel insurer partners provide global emergency assistance, coordination services, and claims support.

Additional Benefits

Employee-Focused Evaluation: UV Insurance Benefits Review IDC
Employee-Focused Evaluation: UV Insurance Benefits Review

Beyond standard health benefits, UV Insurance also offers programs aimed at improving employees’ overall well-being:

UV Employee Assistance Programs

UV Insurance partners with leading providers to offer Employer Assistance Programs (EAPs) that typically include:

  • Confidential counselling and advisory services
  • Qualified EAP counsellors provide personalized support for a wide range of life issues.
  • Financial planning, mental health support, addiction treatment
  • Counselling and referrals help address major personal challenges affecting employee well-being.
  • Legal advisory services
  • EAP experts guide separation, divorce, custody, real estate, and consumer issues.
  • Family mediation and caregiving services
  • Counselling helps employees balance career and family responsibilities.

Best Doctors Services

The UV Insurance Best Doctors program connects employees and covered family members with world-class expertise through:

  • Expert medical consultations and second opinions
  • Employees gain confidence in treatment plans by consulting top specialists around the globe.
  • Support navigating healthcare options
  • The Best Doctors team helps evaluate alternatives and guide employees to optimal care.
  • Guidance determining the best treatments
  • Expert physicians provide evidence-based treatment advice employees can trust.
  • Assistance obtaining appointments with top specialists worldwide
  • For serious illnesses, Best Doctors can help connect patients with leading expert care quickly.

Health Spending Accounts

UV Insurance Health Spending Accounts (HSAs) enable employees to pay for medical costs tax-effectively. Key features include:

  • Tax-effective way to cover health expenses
  • Contributions are tax deductible for employers and tax-free for employees.
  • Employer deposits funds to reimburse eligible expenses
  • Annual employer HSA contributions help cover out-of-pocket health costs.
  • Employees use for medical costs not covered under other plans.
  • HSAs allow employees to pay for health needs that are not included or exceed standard plan benefits.

Wellness Programs

UV Insurance delivers customizable wellness initiatives to help employees improve their health through:

  • Support to help employees improve their health
  • Interactive platforms, tools and education assist employees in making lifestyle changes.
  • Smoking cessation programs
  • Resources help employees quit smoking for better health.
  • Weight loss challenges
  • Friendly team-based competitions motivate employees to reach fitness goals.
  • Health risk assessments to identify issues early
  • Screenings allow early interventions for developing conditions before they become serious.
  • Fitness and nutrition guidance
  • Registered dietitians and fitness experts help employees make healthy eating and exercise choices.

UV Insurance wellness initiatives aim to engage employees and promote overall well-being by going beyond basic health benefits. This better benefits experience helps attract and retain talented staff while improving productivity and outcomes.

Why Choose UV Insurance for Employee Benefits?

With so many group insurance carriers in Canada, what sets UV Insurance apart? Here are some key advantages of partnering with UV Insurance for employee benefits.

Strong Reputation and Longevity

In business for over 130 years, UV Insurance has a track record of adapting to changing benefits needs. Their longevity speaks to their financial strength, commitment to innovation, and focus on the interests of policyholders.

Range of Plan Options

UV Insurance offers a wide range of coverage options to meet diverse workforce needs, from traditional medical and dental to cutting-edge wellness programs.

Customization and Flexibility

Plans are highly customizable, so companies can tailor benefits packages to attract and retain key talent while controlling costs.

Focus on Innovation

Insurance delivers better solutions focused on employee health by continually enhancing their group benefits plans and services.

Competitive Pricing

Their large pool of insured members provides economies of scale, allowing UV Insurance to provide comprehensive benefits at competitive rates.

Excellent Customer Service

UV Insurance’s team provides high-touch support and guidance to help companies navigate benefits selection and administration.

Strong Focus on Employee Wellbeing

UV Insurance offers tools and programs that promote financial, physical, and mental wellness for employees.

UV Insurance Ratings and Reviews

In-Depth Analysis: UV Insurance's Employee Benefits Explored IDC
In-Depth Analysis: UV Insurance’s Employee Benefits Explored

Finding the right employee benefits provider is an important decision for any business in Canada. With a range of options to choose from, it’s helpful to understand the landscape of top providers across the country. Some of the leading employee benefits providers in Canada include:

Here’s a snapshot of UV Insurance’s current standing:

  • AM Best Financial Strength Rating: Not Rated
  • Better Business Bureau: Not Rated
  • Google Reviews: None found
  • Insureye Ratings from Brokers: None found

While UV Insurance doesn’t appear to be rated by the major agencies, the absence of online reviews from its business clients or brokers makes it difficult to assess its customer satisfaction levels fully. However, its longevity in the Canadian group benefits market does speak to its ability to meet client needs and deliver on promises.

How to Get a Quote and Apply With UV Insurance employee benefits?

UV Insurance uses a network of licensed group insurance advisors and brokers to provide quotes and support the application process. Here are some tips for employers looking to get group benefits quotes:

  • Prepare employee census details, including age, gender, location, etc.
  • Have an idea of the types of benefits you’d like to provide (health, dental, disability, life insurance)
  • Determine what coverage amounts you are considering for each benefit
  • Ask about add-on programs of interest, like employee assistance programs
  • Inquire about cost containment features like deductibles, co-pays, and premium sharing
  • Request several quotes to compare plan designs and find the optimal fit
  • Consider pilots or voluntary benefits to hold down costs
  • Discuss administration support and plan management services offered
  • Request references from other clients of a similar size and industry

The quoting and application process varies depending on the company’s size, but small businesses can often obtain quotes and apply for coverage within 1-2 week. Larger organizations may need 4-6 weeks to undergo full underwriting analysis before coverage can go into force.

Pros and Cons of UV Insurance Employee Benefits

As with any group benefits provider, UV Insurance plans have advantages and some potential limitations.

Pros UV Insurance Employee Benefits

  • Wide range of plan options and ability to customize
  • Access to provider networks across Canada
  • Strong focus on innovation and adding value
  • Group buying power provides economies of scale
  • Options to integrate wellness programs
  • Experience serving Canadian companies for over 130 years
  • Access to expert support team and administrators
  • Option for electronic submission of claims

Cons UV Insurance Employee Benefits

  • More limited resources for smaller companies vs. bigger employers
  • Mixed reviews on ease of claims processes
  • Potential for rate increases at renewal for poor claims experience
  • Less plan flexibility once locked into a contract term
  • Limited public information on provider networks
  • Additional services like EAP programs provided through third parties

The advantages of UV Insurance’s comprehensive benefits plans and specialized support services have made them a popular choice for organizations across Canada. UV Insurance delivers added value as a group benefits partner with customized options, strong service standards, and access to innovative programs that promote employee well-being. However, smaller employers may find options limited compared to larger companies with big budgets. While not the cheapest solution, UV Insurance provides quality coverage with the flexibility businesses need.


Exploring Excellence: A Review of UV Insurance's Employee Benefits IDC
Exploring Excellence: A Review of UV Insurance’s Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are a key battleground in the competitive war for talent. As a leading Canadian group benefits provider with over 130 years of experience, UV Insurance gives companies access to top-tier plans and expertise required to attract, retain, and protect their workforce.

By offering extensive plan choices tailored to each organization’s needs, UV Insurance empowers employers to provide protection and peace of mind for their staff. Their consultative approach, leading-edge wellness initiatives, and focus on innovation demonstrate an understanding of evolving benefits priorities in the workplace today. UV Insurance provides the right combination of choice, service and stability for companies aiming to leverage their benefits strategy.

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